Client Testimonial

John represents me in a post-divorce child support/custody action. Since I have worked in the legal field for a number of years, I was committed to finding an attorney whose approach was both practical and assertive. John has deep practical experience and a courtroom acumen that is second to none. He is smart, prepared, talented, and has been a tireless advocate for both me and my children. Family matters can be both emotional and contentious at times, John knows the law and its implications, he always takes the time to answer my questions, no matter how trivial. He is honest and ethical and he and his assistant Kathy have raised the bar on professionalism. They have been completely committed to serving my needs and I feel incredibly fortunate to have them advocating for me.

Theresa L.

Client Testimonial

Attorney Durkin represented me through a lengthy divorce process. He kept me focused on the critical elements of the case, not allowing non-factor information and data to increase the scope of the situation wasting valuable time, resources and emotional heartache. In short, Attorney Durkin will represent you with heart, understanding and focus on what is most important to your case. He will not waste your emtotions and resources on non-factors explaining this clearly along the way. I highly recommend Attorney Durkin in the event that you require a divorce attorney.

Wayne D.

Client Testimonial

I've been working with Attorney Durkin over the past 2 years regarding a post divorce matter. I've found Attorney Durkin to be professional and practical in his advice he has provided me. Matters like this tend to be emotional, and Attorney Durkin has always provided practical, reasonable advice and has done an excellent job managing my case.

His office manager and support staff are also very professional and work well to make sure all the moving parts (filings, dates, appointments, schedules) are managed well.

Donald C.

Client Testimonial

Attorney John Durkin represented me on a complex child custody matter. John Durkin is always there for you. He is in your corner when you feel the weight of the world on you. He's calm, competent, and well respected by the courts and his peers. He has sound advice and formulates a plan with you on how to deal with your legal situation. I can think of no other attorney I'd rather have had with me when dealing with a difficult family court matter.

Max S.

Client Testimonial

I never thought I would need an attorney until I was hit by a car while walking across the street and had severe injuries. My life changed that day. I knew my medical bills would be substantial and I was afraid I would not be able to pay them. My whole life was uncertain and I did not know who to turn to for help.

I was referred to Attorney John Durkin by a friend. I called his office and spoke with him personally. We set up an appointment and he was happy to come to my house and speak to me. When my husband and I met with him we realized he cared about me and my situation and wanted to do everything in his power to help me. He was very compassionate and caring and understood the situation I was in. I had no idea what was ahead of me but Attorney Durkin calmed my fears.

Attorney Durkin took the time to go through every step with me. Every hurdle I endured he was there for me. Attorney Durkin was always willing to listen and give advice. I was able to get a substantial monetary amount for medical bills as well as pain and suffering. My life changed the day of my accident but Attorney John Durkin made it easier for me. I would recommend Attorney John Durkin highly.